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AmeriCorps Member Position Description


  • Make direct contact with homeless or otherwise hard to reach high risk youth at informal gathering places for purposes of providing prevention materials, referral information, and healthy alternatives to the street.

  • Provide on site advocacy for runaways and mediation for families in locations throughout the community, including schools, police departments, etc.

  • Work with local law enforcement to provide them with information on runaway services and promote referrals to runaway programs.

  • Participate as co-leader, presenter, etc. in youth groups and activities in order to provide prevention, intervention, and the promotion of accessing the programs services.

  • Participate in WAHRS, state AmeriCorps, and project training events.

  • Provide immediate response to requests for services through availability by cell phone.

  • Provide timely data reports as requested by the state commission.

  • Provide transportation for needed services and referrals when necessary.

  • Increase the community‚Äôs knowledge of runaways and availability of services through presentations and the establishment of cooperative relationships with community agencies in order to promote referrals to the runaway program.

  • Work cooperatively with fellow AmeriCorps members and program staff.

  • Consult with program and case supervisors on service plan activities, work place issues, client cases, and other supervisory matters.

  • Carry AmeriCorps identification through the use of pins, badges, special clothing, etc. while performing AmeriCorps duties.

  • Recruit and train volunteers to be utilized by individual runaway programs.